Your Input

If you’re interested in contributing to the weblog & are already a member of Women in Worship (join here), you will need to sign up for a [free] WordPress account, & contact us (with the email address you used to join WordPress) to be added to the WIW blog.

As a contributor, you’re free to make posts to the blog, which will first be reviewed by the maintainers of WIW prior to publishing. Also, it’s best to contact us if you’ve posted something because WordPress doesn’t email us when contributors make blog entries.

Here are some ideas to get you started if you’d like to share via the WIW blog. (Feel free to make your own suggestions as well.)

(Thank you to Jan for sharing some of these ideas with us as well):

For intro posts, we’d love to know:

  • If you are a worship leader: How long you’ve been leading worship.
  • How you got started in worship ministry & in leading worship.
  • Links to your music, web page, blog, etc.
  • A favorite thing or two (hobby, book, web site, song, musician, writer, quote, composer, etc.)
  • (See others’ intro posts here for ideas.)

Other blog post ideas could include:

  • Your testimonies.
  • Your questions relating to worship, women in ministry, being a Christian, etc.
  • How you got involved in worship ministry & also in worship leading.
  • Your strengths & passions in leading worship both as a worship leader & as a whole with your worship team/choir.
  • Telling us more about your heart for ministry & worship.
  • The challenges you’ve faced being a woman in ministry/leadership, if at all.
  • Your struggles or your biggest struggle being in ministry.
  • How you balance your other responsibilities (children, husband, second jobs, etc.) on top of being a worship leader or involved in ministry.
  • Advice, tips, etc. for leading worship, rehearsals, arranging, songwriting, worshiping, & so forth (this can be things to benefit worship leaders, singers, dancers, musicians, &/or anyone who worships God!)
  • Worship-related book or article reviews.
  • Reviews of worship-related resource (web sites, teaching, sermons, anything!)
  • A worship confessional/review of one of your or other worship services you’ve attended or participated in (more than just set lists would be wonderful!)
  • “Reviews” about conferences, classes, workshops or related events on worship you have attended or given.
  • An interview of a women in worship (well-known or not–if they have been an influence to you especially!)
  • Your own ideas! — Send us your ideas for things you might like to see posted, or ideas of your own to post as entries for WIW.

We look forward to your contributions & again, feel free to offer your own suggestions & ideas below:


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