Who’s all still here?

Hey everyone =) Just wanted to see if we can breathe some life back into this old blog ~ is anyone still out there and willing to write, share, encourage and discuss?

I am currently leading worship with my husband at a church plant in Southern California. I stumble and fumble along the way … it’d be great to not be alone =) hope we can revive some discuss.

For now, I am planning our Christmas Service, and it’s a bit different, since we are a church plant, we have a very limited congregation (so that means limited peeps, resources etc, etc.) but we’ll be doing some stuff with the kids ministry and our youth band, so excited about that … looking for Christmas music that’s NOT cheesy and can be easily replicated all acoustic style ~ if anyone has any suggestions I’d love to hear!

Thank you for all you do for the kingdom! Let’s do this together =)
love, a.


Our Role as Worship Leader

I wrote this post at my blog and wanted to share it here:

What’s our role as the worship leader?

Matt Craig writes:

“[The worship leader’s] job is to bring order (when needed) and provide the best possible opportunity and environment for us to worship.”

In a previous paragraph, he reminds us that we as worship leaders:

  • Cannot lift the hearts of those taking part in the worship to God
  • Cannot refresh their souls
  • Cannot satisfy their thirst for God

Only each individual can do that with the Holy Spirit’s enabling.

As worship leaders, we must focus on what God calls us to do, but nothing more. No sense in carrying burdens we weren’t intended to carry. There is freedom in knowing and living that, praise God!

You can download the rest of Matt‘s document containing these quotes here. He also has other resources available on this page.

Share your thoughts here.

More from Worship Leader Laura Story

In the following video, Laura Story and her husband share their testimony of God’s faithfulness through difficulty:

How Do YOU Worship?

Rachel is a passionate follower of Christ, wife to the man she’s totally in love with, mommy to the two cutest kids ever, piano teacher, pianist, worshipper, singer & songwriter. Her blog is Living the Blessed Life.
(The original post can be found here.)

worship.jpg What is worship? This is a question that has been weighing on mind for quite a while now. I have been pondering writing down my thoughts on it for some time also, but was unsure until confirmation to my doubt on this subject came recently.  My personal quest for intimacy with God has caused me to come face to face in my own life with this question regarding worship and what exactly it means. And after having my mind renewed regarding this topic, and some researching on the subject,  here are my thoughts.

First of all, I believe that the church today has a confused outlook on what it is. Actually, many have put it into a box, and created nothing more than a  man-made ritual of what it is, what it looks like, and how one should go about it. So, in saying this I am going to share my thoughts on what God has revealed to me personally on what worship is, as well as what it is not. Let’s start with…what worship is not.

1. Worship IS NOT a “music style.” For those whose music tastes do not turn towards the more modern day approach to worship such as contemporary Christian, and praise and worship this is affirmation to you that this does not necessarily make you any more or any less of a worshipper. Although my personal preference regarding my love for praise and worship music itself could cause me to have a narrow minded approach to those who do not share this same taste; I realize, however, that God did not create everyone to love the same things, but He did create us all to love and worship Him.  Whatever way He leads us to do so, is between us and God.  Remember, we are seeking to please HIM.


Worship Planning & Organization

I’ve just posted a blog entry at my blog with tips on being organized for worship service planning. Decided I’d share it with all of you as well. Hope that it can be of help!

I’ve only been leading worship for a short time, but I’ve already learned that being organized makes worship planning much easier! Some things that have worked for me that fellow worship leaders may find useful:

#1. Use dry-erase boards.

A good way to keep post-its & such from cluttering your workspace! Use it to write down song ideas for upcoming worship services & even use magnets to hold chord charts for quick review. When ideas for services other than the one being planned come to mind, this is where they can be written them down for your next planning session.

#2. Keep your sheets organized.

Keep chord & lead sheets in a filing cabinet or binder sorted alphabetically for quicker access. This can also save printing from CCLI (or other services) when you can access sheets printed for prior use.

#3. Utilize spreadsheets.

Our previous worship leader had a great system for keeping track of songs by title, hymn # (if applicable), key, dates used, & CCLI number. You can even color-code for things such as tempo, seasonal, song prospects, or to note which instrument you play on certain songs. (Be sure to make a color key though!)

#4. Make use of document templates.

Another idea I’ve inherited from our previous worship leader: Make a layout for the service or services you plan, then save as templates in Microsoft Word or OpenOffice. When planning services, you can simply open the template & enter the song or hymn titles for that worship service. Copy/paste into email for your worship team & you’re ready to go!

#5. Stackable documents trays = less clutter.

Many already use these for filing papers & such, & they are great to prevent paper clutter on your desk. You can use more or less depending on your need. I use 3-4 stackable trays in this way:

  • 1: Current week’s music on top (for both Sunday & Wednesday choir rehearsal)
  • 2: Music for future rehearsals/Sundays
  • 3: Song prospects for review
  • 4: Miscellaneous (upcoming conference/festival literature, music to purchase, etc.)

Did this help you to become more organized or give you other ideas? Share some tips of your own in the comments!

What Are You Doing for Easter?

What are you doing for Easter & during this Easter season at your church, with your small group, or even with your family to honor Christ & worship Him during this time?

What music or drama specials are planned, or special events or services at your church?

Print Music Resources?

So, this is a question for any worship leaders & ministers of music out there.

What resources do you use to get printed music for your ministry (printable via online sources or not; chord charts, lead sheets, choral arrangements & anything else)?

I know many use CCLI, as does our church, but want to know what other resources are used by those of you either instead of or to supplement it.

I look forward to your input!

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