Our Role as Worship Leader

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What’s our role as the worship leader?

Matt Craig writes:

“[The worship leader’s] job is to bring order (when needed) and provide the best possible opportunity and environment for us to worship.”

In a previous paragraph, he reminds us that we as worship leaders:

  • Cannot lift the hearts of those taking part in the worship to God
  • Cannot refresh their souls
  • Cannot satisfy their thirst for God

Only each individual can do that with the Holy Spirit’s enabling.

As worship leaders, we must focus on what God calls us to do, but nothing more. No sense in carrying burdens we weren’t intended to carry. There is freedom in knowing and living that, praise God!

You can download the rest of Matt‘s document containing these quotes here. He also has other resources available on this page.

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More from Worship Leader Laura Story

In the following video, Laura Story and her husband share their testimony of God’s faithfulness through difficulty:

How Do YOU Worship?

Rachel is a passionate follower of Christ, wife to the man she’s totally in love with, mommy to the two cutest kids ever, piano teacher, pianist, worshipper, singer & songwriter. Her blog is Living the Blessed Life.
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worship.jpg What is worship? This is a question that has been weighing on mind for quite a while now. I have been pondering writing down my thoughts on it for some time also, but was unsure until confirmation to my doubt on this subject came recently.  My personal quest for intimacy with God has caused me to come face to face in my own life with this question regarding worship and what exactly it means. And after having my mind renewed regarding this topic, and some researching on the subject,  here are my thoughts.

First of all, I believe that the church today has a confused outlook on what it is. Actually, many have put it into a box, and created nothing more than a  man-made ritual of what it is, what it looks like, and how one should go about it. So, in saying this I am going to share my thoughts on what God has revealed to me personally on what worship is, as well as what it is not. Let’s start with…what worship is not.

1. Worship IS NOT a “music style.” For those whose music tastes do not turn towards the more modern day approach to worship such as contemporary Christian, and praise and worship this is affirmation to you that this does not necessarily make you any more or any less of a worshipper. Although my personal preference regarding my love for praise and worship music itself could cause me to have a narrow minded approach to those who do not share this same taste; I realize, however, that God did not create everyone to love the same things, but He did create us all to love and worship Him.  Whatever way He leads us to do so, is between us and God.  Remember, we are seeking to please HIM.


What Are You Doing for Easter?

What are you doing for Easter & during this Easter season at your church, with your small group, or even with your family to honor Christ & worship Him during this time?

What music or drama specials are planned, or special events or services at your church?

from Jan’s blog: A Painful Joy

One of our fellow women in worship, Jan Owen has recently written an entry at her blog in response to her experience of being a part of the ordination of a fellow woman in ministry.

In it she also talks about some of her own experiences of being a woman in ministry & hearing God’s call for her life.

An excerpt:

This event affected me in a very deep way. I received my calling into ministry at the age of twelve and really didn’t know what I was called to exactly, just that God had something special for me to do. As I served in youth ministry I truly loved that and enjoyed our kids so much. But it was in worship ministry that I felt my truest sense of calling confirmed. When I lead worship I feel a great peace and joy that THIS is what God created me to do. As I direct others to focus on God I know that “yes, this is what I was made for”. But acceptance in that position as a woman has not always been a given for me.

Check it out for a thoughtful & uplifting read!

Leading Worship – Vocally & Instrumentally

This is a post requiring responses from those women worship leaders out there! 🙂

When leading worship services, do you lead in vocals only (with others covering the instruments), by playing guitar, piano, a combination of any of these, or something else entirely?

who are we? a.

We here at Women in Worship thought it would be good to introduce ourselves to other members, readers & the like. I thought I’d go ahead & start!

I have been a Christian of nearly a year now, & I’m involved in my church’s music ministry in various ways. We hold both traditional & contemporary worship services. I currently lead our traditional service & choir. In the contemporary service (praise team & band), I bounce between singing, flute & piano/keys depending on what is needed.

God has put a desire in my heart to serve in worship ministry, especially as I grow in my relationship with Him. With my training in music, the skills I’ve honed as a musician are immensely important, & now I feel that God is teaching me what it means to be a musician in the Kingdom as I serve & worship Him in all aspects of my life!

I am extremely passionate for God — I can’t get enough of Him, & want to serve Him in any way I can. I’m still learning, but I want to live for the Almighty Redeemer who saved my life!

I love to read, write, do photography, & of course, play & write music. I’m currently starting to write songs & compose music more than I used to, whenever the opportunity allows.

A book on my list of favorites: Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller and Darlene Zschech’s Extravagant Worship

In addition to co-maintaining & writing here at WIW, you can find me blogging here: Be Thou My Vision