Mandy’s WC 9.16.07

WC = Worship Confessional

this was a particularly “girlie” sunday for me, namely because i was full of emotion that i could not escape during the service…

it was one of those sundays i didn’t think i could get through… my heart was ripped open this week after getting the news that my sister-in-law was diagnosed with bone cancer. she’s 25. my brother was devastated. the whole family is heartbroken…needless to say, its been a long week.

the songs chosen for the service seemed to hit me like a ton of bricks during the service. i didn’t think i could get through Redman’s “Blessed be Your Name” and it was the FIRST song! closing the service with “Have Thine Own Way” didn’t make it any easier…

i’ve been leading worship for ten years, but i’ve never experienced a sunday like this. i didn’t feel “all there.” i found myself going on “auto-pilot” – just going through all the right motions, as i know i should. saying the things that a good worship leader would say. presenting the songs the way a good worship leader presents the songs. moving the congregation through the verses to chorus to next song with “phrasings” and “cues” that indicates the next part of the song…

even though i didn’t feel genuine about my demeanor and presentation, i felt very genuine in my role. i felt genuine in how i was leading the people… genuine in my desire for us to experience God… genuine in my efforts, even though they were “auto-piloted” and not spontaneously inspired.

how do you handle pushing through a sunday when you don’t feel “all there” – a sunday where your emotions are in your throat and you don’t know how to stay focused?

Order of Worship:
Blessed be Your Name – Redman
Welcome and Announcements
Missionary’s Presentation
I Love to Tell the Story (444) – Hankey & Fischer
Enough – Tomlin
May the Words of My Mouth – Terry Butler
Scripture Reading
Have Thine Own Way (591) – Pollard & Stebbins, 1907