Service Music Styles

For those of you who lead worship or participate on a worship team or in a choir, what type(s) of music do you use during your church services?

I’ll go first. 🙂 We have two very musically different services: A traditional service with the usual hymns, a choir, & special music for offertories. Our second service is contemporary in style (Hillsong, Matt Redman, Vineyard, etc.) consisting of a praise team that includes guitars, drums, keys, flute, singers & also interpreters for the deaf in our congregation. Occasionally we do a blended service with both groups that is usually blended toward more contemporary styles, usually for a special Christmas concert or at the Easter services.

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  1. worship1
    Dec 30, 2007 @ 03:12:50

    Because our background in Calvary Chapel generally leans on the contemporary, most folks in the congregation kind of expect that in our church. That being said, we use mostly contemporary worship team music and blend hymns with contemporary arrangements into the sets.

    I have noticed that when we do the hymns those who are familiar with them really do enjoy them and sing out all the more. Amen!



  2. hopeofglory
    Jan 21, 2008 @ 20:10:44

    Until roughly 18 months ago, my church was traditional and sang hymns. The church made the switch to contemporary music and a band before my family moved to the area. I have been leading worship at this church for a few months. We sing the usual contemporary mix that you find on the CCLI Top 100, and we include a hymn or two as well. We usually do 7 or 8 songs per service. Our band includes Piano, Synth, Bass, Drums, Guitar, Sax, Vocals.


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