Your Input!!

Hi, all,

We’re wondering if any of you would like to help contribute to the Women in Worship blog! We’ve got some ideas of things we’d like to hear about from all of you members of WIW, & also would love to have those of you who would like to submit introductory posts as well similar to what Mandy & I already have done.

First, we want to ask that you’d contact us with your interest in posting to the weblog, & also on the topic (or intro if just to introduce yourself) you’d like to post on. We can then get you up & running with the ability to submit blog posts to WIW for review prior to posting & then after we review them, place them in the proper categories, etc., we will publish them to the WIW blog!

Here are things we’re looking for (thank you to Jan for sharing some of these with us as well):

For intro posts, we’d like to hear about:

  • If you are a worship leader: How long you’ve been leading worship.
  • How you got started in worship ministry & in leading worship.
  • Links to your music, web page, blog, etc.
  • A favorite thing (hobby, book, web site, song, musician, writer, quote, composer, etc.)

Separate blog entries could be about:

  • Your testimonies.
  • How you got involved in worship ministry & also in worship leading
  • Your strengths & passions in leading worship both as a worship leader & as a whole with your worship team/choir.
  • Telling us more about your heart for ministry & worship.
  • The challenges you’ve faced being a woman in ministry/leadership, if at all.
  • Your struggles or your biggest struggle being in ministry.
  • How you balance your other responsibilities (children, husband, second jobs, etc.) on top of being a worship leader or involved in ministry.
  • Advice, tips, etc. for leading worship, rehearsals, arranging, songwriting, worshiping, & so forth (this can be things to benefit worship leaders, singers, dancers, musicians, &/or anyone who worships God!)
  • Worship-related book or article reviews.
  • Reviews of worship-related resource (web sites, teaching, sermons, anything!)
  • A worship confessional/review of one of your or other worship services you’ve attended or participated in (more than just set lists would be wonderful!)
  • “Reviews” about conferences, classes, workshops or related events on worship you have attended or given.
  • An interview of a women in worship (well-known or not–if they have been an influence to you especially!)
  • Your own ideas! — Send us your ideas for things you might like to see posted, or ideas of your own to post as entries for WIW.

So, first, contact us with your ideas if you want to post something, & also feel free to make other suggestions here for all of us! We can’t wait to hear from all of you!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ammeepearl
    Nov 01, 2007 @ 01:47:35

    Hi, I would love to be involved, although I’m not sure how.
    I was — up until very recently a worship leader @ my church here, but under somewhat “mixed” circumstances my husband and I left and now I’m not really involved anywhere (which is starting to bum me out a bit, but I know it’s all part of Gods’ thing, not mine).
    Anyways, I actually found your site, through facebook while searching for sites about worship, since I had all these questions floating about in my head, about the real reason why we do what we do … and how to engage people etc. etc.

    So, I really enjoy reading what you guys write and any way I can poss. contribute too would be great.
    Thanks for sharing your hearts!
    Peace, a.


  2. Tamryn
    Nov 15, 2007 @ 04:22:00

    Hi. I am a worship leader. My husband, myself and my Pastor make up our worship team and at the moment my Pastor cannot play.

    I have been leading worship for about 4months and I was kind of dropped by God into the leadership position. Our church is a fairly small church and is a church plant here in New Zealand. After I started going to Riverside I got to know the folk there and my husband pointed out that I can sing and play guitar and that he could play guitar too. My Pastor was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year and from the chemotherapy has been able to play guitar because his fingers are extremely sore. So we worshipped together and a month later my pastor went into hospital to have the tumour removed. I am glad to say that God worked a miracle and the tumour was removed without any problems and he is now in remission. But now he has the problem that he had to have a stent put in and so his hand is still not working well enough yet.

    I have come really far in the last few months and even further since I first picked up a guitar 10years ago.

    Before my daughter was born I sang in the worship team in the church I was in in South Africa.

    It’s a bit to much to put all that I have been through and how much God has done for me and how I have grown, all in one letter. But one thing I can say is that it was all God none of it was me. It just blows my mind what He has done for me and my family.

    All praise to my God and King


  3. Bridget
    Nov 15, 2007 @ 18:27:56

    For intro posts, we’d like to hear about:

    * If you are a worship leader: How long you’ve been leading worship.
    Since 1995.

    * How you got started in worship ministry & in leading worship.

    I started leading worship (believe it or not) in 1995 in San Diego at on ONLINE bible study in a chatroom by AOL called “Truthseekers.” We studied Romans. I would just type lyrics. It was great. That same year I began teaching sunday school and lead worship there. In 1996 I began attending Calvary Chapel San Juan Capistrano and lead worship for children and women. I then lead worship for children, women, and the prayer meeting at Calvary Chapel Laguna Niguel. I’ve also hosted, taught, and lead worship for two women’s retreats. I am the worship leader for Calvary Chapel Seaside in Laguna Beach and also for our motel outreach called Pardoned Prodigals. I sing and play the keyboard.

    * Links to your music, web page, blog, etc.

    * A favorite thing (hobby, book, web site, song, musician, writer, quote, composer, etc.)

    Chris Falson ( is my mentor and I really enjoy his worship songwriting.


  4. Amanda
    Nov 16, 2007 @ 01:00:33

    Bridget, if you don’t mind, I will post your comment as a separate blog entry for an intro for you (& I’ll put the author as you so you should get any comments.) Let me know if this is okay. 🙂

    Tamryn, thanks for sharing! I’m glad that your pastor is in remission from the cancer & will keep him in my prayers!


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